If you’re curious about earning extra cash through delivery side hustles, we’ve got you covered. From food and groceries to packages, this guide lays out your options, highlights earnings, and provides tips to easily integrate with your current schedule, without spoiling all the details—you’ll find those as you read on.

Key Takeaways

  • Delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub offer flexible, well-paying side gigs, some paying up to $23 per hour with benefits like instant cash out.
  • Grocery delivery services like Instacart and Shipt allow you to earn an average of $15-$21 per hour, offering the flexibility to shop and deliver groceries on your own schedule.
  • For non-food delivery, Amazon Flex and Roadie provide package delivery opportunities that can earn you $18-$25 and $12-$20 per hour respectively, also with flexible scheduling.

1. Food Delivery Apps

Delivery apps have become our go-to solution for those hunger pangs that strike at odd hours. But have you ever thought about being on the other side of that transaction? Yes, we’re talking about becoming a delivery driver! The food delivery industry is not only profitable, but it’s also set to reach a staggering $165 billion by the end of the decade. From delivering piping hot pizzas to gourmet meals, delivery drivers can expect to make up to $20 per hour on various food delivery platforms.

Plus, the flexibility is unbeatable. You decide when and where to deliver. This is why delivery side hustles is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone looking to improve their financial stability.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats has cleverly used its existing infrastructure to create a robust food delivery network. As a driver, you have the flexibility to deliver by:

  • car
  • scooter
  • bicycle
  • on foot in certain markets

This caters to a variety of transportation preferences. The earnings can be quite attractive too, with drivers reporting an average of $23.27 per hour for food delivery. What sets Uber Eats apart is its instant pay option, which allows drivers to cash out their earnings up to five times per day.

Efficiency is key to maximizing earnings, and the Para app can help Uber Eats drivers choose higher value deliveries and plan better routes.


DoorDash has successfully captured a massive 65% share of the food delivery market, serving over 75 million Americans across various cities in the U.S., Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Canada. This platform offers financial incentives such as extra earnings for driving during peak hours and a guaranteed-earnings bonus for new drivers.

This platform provides flexibility with a low-commitment side job opportunity, offering multiple transportation options such as cars, bikes, motorcycles, and scooters for delivery services.


Grubhub offers the following benefits for drivers:

  • Freedom to schedule shifts or work whenever they have extra time
  • Average earnings of $12-$18 per hour, varying based on location and tips
  • Minimum payment threshold and Instant Cashout option for easy access to earnings

Primarily delivering food for restaurants, Grubhub has a nationwide presence in the restaurant delivery service landscape, offering extensive opportunities to drivers.

2. Grocery Delivery Side Hustles

If food delivery isn’t your thing, how about grocery delivery? Apps like Instacart and Shipt have revolutionized the way we shop for groceries. As a driver for a food delivery app, you get to deliver groceries by shopping for the items on a customer’s list and bringing them to their doorstep, making it a fun and interactive side hustle.

Grocery delivery services offer a broader delivery window compared to other delivery services, sometimes including night deliveries which can command higher rates. What’s more, Shipt shoppers can make an average of $24 per hour, with experienced individuals potentially earning more.


Instacart provides job opportunities as either a full-service shopper or an in-store shopper. To get started with this grocery delivery app, drivers must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Have access to a car with insurance
  • Be eligible to work in the US

With Instacart the shoppers can earn between $12 to $20 per hour, with earnings influenced by order size, difficulty, and overall demand on the app.

Full-service shoppers at Instacart are compensated per job and also have the opportunity to earn tips, adding to their overall earnings.


As a Shipt shopper, you have the flexibility to:

  • Set your own schedules by scheduling your shopping hours in advance, based on your availability
  • Interact with other shoppers and attend company events
  • May receive a membership

Shipt fosters a community atmosphere where in store shoppers can enjoy these benefits.

Shipt shoppers can earn an average of $15 to $21 per hour, aligning with the general average earnings of $15 to $20 for individual orders. Payments are made weekly through direct deposit, providing a consistent payment cycle each Friday. Shipt has expanded its services to over 5,000 cities nationwide, showing its significant growth and demand for delivery services.

3. Package Delivery Opportunities

Maybe you prefer the idea of delivering packages over food or groceries? Well, there are opportunities for that as well! Companies like Amazon Flex and Roadie offer flexible scheduling and an attractive earning potential of $18-$25 per hour for Amazon Flex drivers and $12-$20 per hour for Roadie drivers.

This could be the perfect side hustle for those who enjoy being on the move and prefer the predictability of delivering packages over food or groceries.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a great option for those looking to deliver packages. It allows drivers to select predefined delivery blocks ranging from 3 to 6 hours, making it easier to fit delivery work into existing schedules. The potential earnings that Amazon Flex offers drivers are approximately $18 to $25 per hour.

To work for Amazon Flex, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a four-door vehicle or larger
  • Have auto insurance
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Be at least 21 years old

These are the minimum requirements to be eligible for the job.


Roadie drivers can earn:

  • Between $12 to $20 per hour
  • Guaranteed earnings for each delivery, including the delivery fee
  • Exact earnings shown before accepting a delivery job
  • Choice between weekly or instant payouts
  • Opportunities to increase earnings through multi-stop deliveries

The sign-up process for Roadie requires a potential driver to be at least 18 years old, have a Social Security Number, and a valid U.S. driver’s license, which can be completed swiftly allowing drivers to start accepting jobs without delay.

4. Niche Delivery Services

If you’re looking for something a little different from the norm, niche delivery side hustles might be just the thing for you. These services cater to specific markets, such as Eaze and Saucey which specialize in delivering cannabis and alcohol respectively, or are limited to specific geographic areas like Favor Delivery, a Texas-based delivery service. In addition to these niche options, there are also food delivery services that cater to a wider audience and offer a variety of cuisine options.


Eaze offers drivers an attractive earning potential, with an average hourly rate of $18-$26, which ranks it as the highest paying delivery app. Currently, Eaze is available exclusively in California and Michigan, catering to specific regional markets.

To drive for Eaze, you need to be over 21, have a valid driver’s license and insurance, pass background checks, and own a vehicle from 2005 or newer.


Saucey specializes in alcohol deliveries where couriers are mandated to check customer IDs upon delivery. Couriers must meet certain requirements to deliver for Saucey, including:

  • being over 21
  • having a 2007 model car or newer, which is considered a reliable vehicle
  • maintaining a clean driving record
  • having access to a smartphone

This app operates in select U.S. cities and offers a guaranteed minimum payout to its couriers.

Maximizing Your Earnings

As with any side hustle, there are strategies to maximize your earnings. This involves driving during popular meal times, effectively using time by completing more deliveries per hour, and consistently working extra minutes daily.

Efficiently planning routes to reduce downtime between deliveries ensures steady income, and taking advantage of surge pricing can significantly boost earnings.

Balancing Delivery Work with Your Main Job

Balancing a side hustle with a main job is an art, and it requires careful planning and discipline. Repurposing time otherwise spent on activities like TV or aimless web browsing can create opportunities for delivery side hustle work.

It’s crucial to communicate your side hustle commitments to family, friends, and employers, helping to set clear expectations and garner their support.


In this fast-paced world, finding a flexible and rewarding side hustle can seem daunting. However, delivery driver side hustles provide a viable solution that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Be it food, groceries, packages, or niche items, the opportunity to earn extra income on your terms is just an app download away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn as a delivery driver?

You can earn between $12 to $25 per hour as a delivery driver, depending on the platform and location. Keep in mind that these figures can fluctuate.

Can I work for more than one delivery app?

Yes, you can work for more than one delivery app to maximize your earnings.

Do I need a specific type of vehicle to deliver?

It depends on the platform you’re delivering for. Some allow bicycles, scooters, or walking, while others require a four-door vehicle or larger. Choose a platform that fits the vehicle you have.

When do I get paid?

You’ll likely get paid weekly, but some platforms may offer instant payouts after each delivery.

Can I schedule my deliveries?

Yes, you can schedule your deliveries on most platforms by choosing your preferred delivery blocks for flexibility.